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24 January 1988
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W E L C O M E ;
Welcome to x_entity, an icon journal established by Mel on February 26, 2006. This journal provides quality icons, signs and other graphics, free to anyone and everyone.

I update this journal whenever my muse is tickled or I just need somewhere to dump worthless things I've made. Expect updates to be random and far-between.

Please read the rules before using anything, and pay the resource list a visit if you’re looking for something.

A F F I L I A T E S ;

Become? Drop me a line on one of my entires and I'll let you know :D

S2 CSS: starlingsby100 <--Go give love.

R U L E S ;
1. Please do not hotlink anything. Every time you hotlink, god kills a kitten. And you mooch bandwidth. Don't do that.
2. All graphics are made by me; please do not claim them as your own.
3. Out of common courtesy, do not edit any graphics without first consulting me.
4. Please do not redistribute any of the graphics.
5. I ask that you give credit if you use any of my icons.
6. I don't require credit for bases (although it's loved). However, if you use a base as an icon, I ask that you credit.